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Services Offered

  • A leader in the practice of primary care, Dr. Shomir Banerjee has provided years of exceptional care to the executives of some of the nation's leading technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Applied Materials.

    Once you choose Monterey Concierge Medicine as your primary care practice, you will be able to speak to the physician directly. Dr. Banerjee prides himself on answering each and every phonecall personally.

    At Monterey Concierge Medicine, we provide preventative care, and care as-needed. Schedule a highly personalized executive physical with Dr. Banerjee today.

    Ages 18 and up.

  • Physician Retainer Service

    This level of service includes a highly personalized executive physical and 12 comprehensive office visits per year. During your visits, Dr. Banerjee will address all of your questions. He will coordinate care with your current specialists, ensure appropriate medication management, and make referrals as necessary to specialists, therapists, and other caregivers.

    Services available in the office during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, excluding holidays.

    Telemedicine available 24/7

    $7,500 annually

Payments accepted include credit card, cash or check (in-person only). No insurance, Medicare and Medicaid accepted.

All listed prices and services are subject to change without notice and are non-binding. Your signed patient agreement will serve as the legally binding document.

Dr. Banerjee


Shomir Banerjee, MD, MSEE

Dr. Banerjee is board-certified in Family Medicine. He is licensed to practice medicine in 16 states including California. As a result of his focussed experience in specialized environments, (occupational medicine, gastroenterology, hypothyroidism, travel medicine, and behavioral medicine), he is the physician supervisor for over 100 physicians and nurse practitioners at a nationally known behavioral health company.

Dr. Banerjee is a consultant for Eko, a world-renowned company innovating stethoscope technology.

  • Residency in Family Medicine, University of California, Davis
  • MD, Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine
  • MS Engineering, University of Cincinnati
  • BS Engineering, Baylor University


"Dr. Banerjee is a true gem amongst the medical community on the Monterey Peninsula. Having moved down to Carmel from the Bay Area, I had become increasingly frustrated with the shortage of competent GP's and the barrier to entry (due to full practices) to any that were esteemed as acceptable. I found Dr. Banerjee via extensive online research almost upon his arrival from the Bay Area and I feel so fortunate to be included in his practice as a concierge patient. His knowledge, experience, immediate response-time to any questions and above all his genuinely caring demeanor with a candid wit, when combined provides not only exceptional medical services the value exceeding the cost, but also piece of mind (which has been very hard to come by in the past few years). I highly recommend Dr. Banerjee with a six star rating (if the maximum were five stars). "
- Monterey Peninsula Resident for 8 years; Concierge Patient since 2018

"I Just had the privilege to be a new pt with Dr. Banerjee, He is great doctor. He is very personable and overall AMAZING! Indeed treatment is very personalized. He genuinely cares about his patients and their wellbeing. So happy to know him and be one of his patients I highly recommend him to everyone. He is a great man. "
- W.S. patient since 2021

"Dr. Banerjee is an exceptional physician. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and provides an extraordinary level of service and patient care. He embodies the best of what one would hope for in a personal care physician. And, as an added benefit, he does not overbook and honors appointment times. "
- Monterey Peninsula resident for more than 15 years, Concierge patient since 2018


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